Akihiro Nakashima Eguchi 江口晃浩 (中島晃浩)

University of Oxford / Oxford Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence / ARAYA Inc. / Microsoft Development Co. Ltd. 

E-mail: aki.hero.ox(at)gmail.com

Phone: +1 970-670-0521 (U.S.) 

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence, Computational Neuroscience, Vision, etc


Spike: A GPGPU based Spiking Neural Network (SNN) designed to be as transparent and easy to modify as possible. Written in C++/CUDA. http://oftnai.github.io/Spike/

Postdoctoral Work (Oct. 2019 - )

Akihiro Eguchi, Takato Horii, Takayuki Nagai, Ryota Kanai, Masafumi Oizumi "An Information Theoretic Approach to Reveal the Formation of Shared Representations," Front. Comput. Neurosci., Volume 29, Jan 2020, doi:10.3389/fncom.2020.00001

Postgraduate Work (Oct. 2012 - 2018)

Akihiro Eguchi, James Isbister, Nasir Ahmad, Simon Stringer. "The emergence of polychronization and feature binding in a spiking neural network model of the primate ventral visual system," Psychological Review (IF 7.58), Volume 125, Issue 4, pp  545-571, Jul 2018, doi:10.1037/rev0000103. 

Akihiro Eguchi, Simon Stringer. "Neural Network Model Develops Border Ownership Representation through Visually Guided Learning," Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (IF 3.439), 2016, doi:10.1016/j.nlm.2016.10.007. 

Akihiro Eguchi, Simon Stringer, Glyn Humphreys. "The visually-guided development of facial representations in the primate ventral visual pathway: a computer modeling study," Psychological Review (IF 7.58), Volume 123, Issue 6, Nov, 2016. 

Akihiro Eguchi, Simon Stringer. "Computational modeling of the development of detailed facial representations along ventral pathway," Poster presentation, Twenty Third Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting: CNS2014, Quebec, Canada, Aug 26-31, 2014. Poster [View Download]

Courtney Spoerer*, Akihiro Eguchi*, Simon Stringer. "A computational exploration of complementary learning mechanisms in the primate ventral visual pathway," Vision Research (IF 2.41), Volume 119, pp 16–28, Jan 2016, doi: http://doi.org/10.1016/j.visres.2015.12.008

Akihiro Eguchi, Samuel Neymotin, Simon Stringer. "Color opponent receptive fields self-organize in a biophysical model of visual cortex via spike-timing dependent plasticity," Frontiers in Neural Circuits (IF 3.3), Volume 8, Issue 16, 12th Mar, 2014, doi: 10.3389/fncir.2014.00016. Paper [pdf]

Eguchi, A., Neymotin, S.A., Horwitz, G.D., Albright, T.D., 2017. Representation of Color. In: John Stein, J.S. (Ed.), Reference Module in Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Psychology. Elsevier, pp. 1–8. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-12-809324-5.02964-3

Akihiro Eguchi, Bedeho Mender, Benjamin Evans, Glyn Humphreys, Simon Stringer. "Computational Modeling of the Neural Representation of Object Shape in the Primate Ventral Visual System," Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience (IF 2.2). Volume 9, Issue 100, 4th Aug., 2015, doi: 10.3389/fncom.2015.00100

Akihiro Eguchi. "The neural representation of object shape in the primate ventral visual system," a talk given at the Oxford Vision Group (OxVis), 11th March, 2014.

Akihiro Eguchi. "Modelling the development of the object shape representations in V4 and TEO," a talk given at Neuro-theory forum hosted by the Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour (CNCB), 5th Feb, 2014. 

Akihiro Eguchi. "The neural representation of object shape in the primate ventral visual system," Poster presentation. 9th Medical Sciences DPhil Day, University of Oxford Medical Sciences Department, Oxford, July 12, 2013. Poster [View Download]

..., etc


Undergraduate Work (Aug. 2008 - May 2012)

A. Eguchi, H. Nguyen, C. Thompson, W. Deneke "Towards a Situation-Aware Architecture for the Wisdom Web of Things". In Wisdom Web of Things. Springer International Publishing, 2016, pp. 73 - 107. [Download]

A. Eguchi, H. Nguyen, C. Thompson "Everything is Alive: Towards the Future Wisdom Web of Things." World Wide Web (IF 1.54), Volume 16,  Issue 4, 2013, pp 357-378. [View Download] 

A. Eguchi.  "Object Recognition Based on Shape and Function:  Inspired by Children’s Word Acquisition." Inquiry Journal of Undergraduate Research, Volume 13, 2012. pp. 38-49. [View Download]

A. Eguchi, H. Nguyen, "Minority Game: the Battle of Adaptation, Intelligence, Cooperation and Power,"5th International Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems and Simulation (MAS&S), 2011, Szczecin, Poland. pp.631-634. [View Download] / Project Report [View Download]

H. Nguyen, A. Eguchi, D. Hooten, "In Search of a Cost Effective Way to Develop Autonomous Floor Mapping Robots,"9th IEEE International Symposium on RObotic and Sensors Environments (ROSE 2011), 2011, Montreal, Canada. pp.107-112. [View Download]

A. Eguchi, C. W. Thompson, "Towards a Semantic World: Smart Objects in a Virtual World,"International Journal of Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management, Volume 3, 2011. pp. 905-911.[View Download]

A. Eguchi, C. W. Thompson. "Towards a Semantic World: Smart Objects in a Virtual World." IADIS International Conference Web Virtual Reality and Three-Dimensional Worlds 2010, Freiburg, Germany. pp.488-493.

A. Eguchi, C. W. Thompson. "Smart Objects in a Virtual World," Inquiry Journal of Undergraduate Research, Volume 11, 2010. pp. 3-8.

..., etc


Outstanding Graduating Senior in Computer Science at University of Arkansas, 2011

Honorable Mention, CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researchers Award (list of awardees), 2011

Honorable Mention, ACM international Collegiate Programming Contest, Mid-central region, 2010.

Winner, U. of Arkansas Undergraduate Research Award, one of three awardees ($1,000), 2010

Media Coverage

Interview (in Japanese): 僕たちは「シンギュラリティ」をどう迎えるのか? オクスフォードで出会った人工知能研究者・江口晃浩氏にインタビュー(橘宏樹『現役官僚の滞英日記 オクスフォード編』第5回),  Mar 3, 2016


Featured in the ACM Computing Reviews, Sep 17 2013

"Everything is Alive (EiA) is described by the authors of this paper as an ambitious vision and architecture for a future where smart real-world objects dynamically discover and interact with other real or virtual objects, humans or virtual human.."

"Study Results from University of Arkansas Provide New Insights into World Wide Web", HispanicBusiness.com, July 29, 2013

"By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Internet Weekly News -- Research findings on World Wide Web are discussed in a new report. According to news reporting originating from Fayetteville, Arkansas, by.."

"Honors College Senior Presents Research at International Conferences", Honors College News, Univerity of Arkansas, Oct 6, 2011

"Honors College senior Akihiro Eguchi recently presented papers at back-to-back international conferences on topics ranging from a nuts-and-bolts look at programming and building an inexpensive housecleaning robot to.."

"App: Activity Learning For Kinect", KinectEDucation, July 25, 2011

"What interests me here is how this would work with people who have physical coordination problems. You could add someone’s non-conformist gesture to a recognized gesture library and they could then control applications using it."

Featured in the Meet the Students, University of Arkansas, Spring 2011

"Honors student Akihiro Eguchi wants to design a kinder, gentler robot. Inspired by Astro Boy, the robot manga hero from the 50s who was wildly popular in Akihiro’s native Japan, or AIBO, a robotic pet capable of learning, he’d like to .."


University of Oxford

(2012 - 2017)

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

(2008 - 2012)

Toyota National College of Technology, Japan

(2004 - 2006, 2008)


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