Minority Game project

Minority Game Simulation



Minority game is a simulation of a zero-sum game, which has a similar structure to that of a real world market like a currency exchange market. We discuss a way to implement the game and provide a simulation environment with agents that can use various types of strategies to make decisions including genetic algorithms, statistics, and cooperative strategies. The goal of this simulation study is to find the effective strategies for winning the zero-sum game. Results show that both honesty and dishonesty can lead to player success depending on the characteristics of the majority of players.

About the project


THE El Farol Bar problem (W. Brian Arthur, 1994)

Minority Game


Minority game with multi-agent system

Various types of agents

(1) Normal agent (NA)

(2)Team agent (TA)

(3) Super Agent (SA)

Memory consumption and speed


Normal Agents

NAs and SAs

NAs and Loyal TA (100% loyal)

NAs, SAs, and TAs (type 1)

NAs, SAs, and TAs (type 2)

TAs (type 1) and TAs (type 2)

Discussion and conclusion



Data / Documents