Knowledge Representation in Smart Objects

Smart Objects in a Virtual World


The coming Internet of Things will usher in a semantic world (analogous to the semantic web) where physical objects will be networked so that they can communicate with each other and with humans.  This paper identifies protocols that smart objects will need to follow and how to use today’s 3D virtual worlds to better simulate and better understand protocols for tomorrow’s smart world.

The protocols can be added to a real or virtual world object that make it into a smart(er) object.  We describe how to do this in the real world using technologies like RFID and smart phones but demonstrate this using 3D virtual worlds where an avatar passing by smart objects can use a universal remote (which could be a smart phone in the real world) to read an object’s API and control the object.  We demonstrate this in a healthcare setting in Second Life.

Project Overview



Everything is Alive project

Interface ordinary objects have

Additional interfaces for smart object  

What makes smart object smart

challenge for widespread adoption of smart objects

Virtual World to develop smart object protocols


Prototype of smart objects and soft controller

Simulating devices in a virtual world

Problems and solutions

Toward a semantic world