Accepted Into Oxford DPhil Program

投稿日: Apr 21, 2012 9:33:49 PM

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark -- The following information was released by the University of Arkansas:

Senior CSCE and Psychology double major, Akihiro Eguchi, spent last weekend on an invited trip to Oxford and the result is that he has been accepted into their DPhil program in computational neuroscience at Oxford Foundation for Theoretical Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence.

Last year Akihiro completed his CSCE BS thesis under Dr. Craig Thompson using the Microsoft Kinect to recognize objects like a toothbrush and gestures like brushing your teeth that are the first steps in recognizing sequences of gestures like those that make up complex workflows like getting ready for work. Computers do not deal well with this kind of information but Akihiro provided some excellent first steps.

This year Akihiro is completing his Psychology BA thesis on children’s language acquisition under Dr. Douglas Behrend and is learning from real human behavior. At the University of Oxford, his research will focus on the grand challenge question of how computers can think like humans. In particular, his work will focus on the development of biologically accurate computer models of visual processing in the primate brain.

In the field of computer science, transform invariant visual object recognition can be implemented by storing a model of target objects described as a set of coordinates in three-dimensional space and applying computational algorithms to perform various transforms like translation, rotation, and scaling. His interest is in understanding at the neuronal and synaptic level, how our brain performs these kinds of visual tasks. He believes that this question can be answered through computer modeling by accurately simulating the behavior of individual neurons, the interactions between these neurons, and the concurrent learning at the synaptic connections as the network is exposed to visual input.